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Are you alright? Are you sure? I mean you know you can tell me – if you’re worried about something? You know that don’t you? 

Production History: ONO Theatre (October 2020) 

Changing Pictures


Easy for you to say. Can’t even draw a stick man I can’t! Never could – I remember at school I drew a horse once, teacher thought it was a hill – totally destroyed my confidence.


Production History: ONO Theatre (October 2020) 

The Pleasure is Mine


What choice did I have? I couldn’t, I couldn’t say it was me, could I? Think what that would have meant for the party, for the government? And if it wasn’t me, then it had to be someone didn’t it? 

Production History: ONO Theatre (October 2020) 


The Shrink's Cabinet

Jack has finished his last exams and is back home for Christmas. Far from feeling festive, he is crippled with self-doubt and exasperated by the prying questions of his extended family. As he slowly self-medicates to cope with the traditional Christmas dinner, his family begin to change around him taking on the appearance and characteristics of ever more intriguing personas. In their various guises they offer him advice from their pasts and help him reflect on his future.

Production History: Tojo Theater (April 2015), FriScenes International Theatre Festival (October 2015), Theater am Kafigtum (November 2015)


Life for Life

Tommy is dying; the years of alcohol abuse have finally caught up with him and a liver transplant is the only thing that can save him. As his friends Oli, Jamie and Chris are trying to come to terms with his fate, they are approached by the bizarre Doctor Brinkley who offers them a chance to save their friend’s life. All he’ll need is “fifteen thousand pounds and a body … a newly-deceased body”. So while their friend lies dying in hospital, the three must first find the money and then fulfil the abhorrent task of finding a body in order to save Tommy’s life. After stealing their dying friend’s car and selling it to Jaundice, a dodgy acquaintance of Chris’, they turn to the second part of their mission – finding a newly-deceased body – which proves more difficult than they first thought.

Production History: Theater Remise (November 2012), Ebullition (May 2013) 

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