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Train of Thought (2021)

Writer and Director

Sometimes it's when you're sitting still that your mind moves the most​...

A train journey turns into an emotional roller coaster for Stefan Biedermann when his sleeping wife traps his arm. Little does he know the other passengers have their own problems too. 

Produced by Richard D. Williams and The Caretakers.

Film Festivals 

OtherMovie Lugano Film Festival - 2021 - Finalist - OtherSwiss Short

Madrid Indie Film Festival – September 2021 – Official Selection – SuperShorts 

New York Flash Film Festival – September 2021 – Finalist – Short Comedy

New York Movie Awards – September 2021 – Honourable Mention – Super Short Film 

The Shrink's Cabinet - Trailer (2015)

Writer and Director

Trailer for the stage production of 'The Shrink's Cabinet'.

Produced by Fabian Netos and The Caretakers.

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